We utilize Hay Chix® nets along with free choice hay. This has many benefits such as,  longer grazing times and better digestion for your horse. We feed our horses twice a day either out in the pasture or in the dry lot depending on the weather. Everyone gets their own pile/bag. Which leads to happy and healthy horses. We feed our horses according to their dietary needs.

5946 River Rd, Waunakee, WI 53597, Phone 608-512-7028

Large outdoor covered roof area that is the full length of our barn. It provides more than adequate shelter from the elements with enough room for everyone. Our dry lot is south facing and has a lime screening base which helps to keep it DRY!  This lot is also cleaned on a regular basis.

Outdoor Riding Arena

Lansing Stables, LLC

Stabling Area - 6 newer Stalls that are 12X13 with rubber mats

60 Foot Round Pen

Indoor Riding Arena